Creative association that has no analogues in the modern cultural market providing talented specialists with an opportunity to realize their potential, and theaters to get a ready play. Composers, choreographers and theater artists create together an original ballet that is ready to be shown on any stage of the world.

Creative association MAD is a team of international level that completely takes over the management of the project from the very beginning to the moment of its implementation on the stage. For each project, we create a special working group of professionals depending on the needs and scope of the project that calculate budget, conduct casting of artists, select the site that is suitable for the project etc. This can be either renting any sites or collaborating with public or private theaters, museums, and so on. Our team is ready for realization of both our own and special customized projects such as opening major exhibitions, forums, sports, private events, or projects dedicated to any significant events etc.


To provide talented representatives of creative specialties with opportunities to implement original ideas. To develop Russian ballet art. To expand genre boundaries and enrich the repertoire policy of state theatres. To create a proper image of Russia as a modern ballet space.


In spite of the presence of strong Russian choreographic school and worldwide-recognized companies there is still a huge number of ideas remain unrealized. There are open locations where drama performances can be presented without being a part of any particular theater’s repertoire. Yury Smekalov’s creative association offers the same thing, but for ballet art. MAD’s uniqueness is in providing with an opportunity to create a new ballet that is ready to be shown on any stage of the world. Moreover, artist, composer and choreographer are now able to realize their great plans. MAD emphasizes the importance of original creativity and is ready to implement fresh ideas that will help to create new Russian ballet. Russia is a country with incredible cultural potential, where lives a huge number of creative people, that need to be provided especially now with an opportunity to realize their full potential. This is what Yury Smekalov’s creative association supports.


1 Stage

Application submission to create and implement the project

2 Stage

Discussion and coordination of ballet ideas (libretto) on a competitive basis

3 Stage

Creation of a presentation and project defense to find investors that are ready to finance the project

4 Stage

Casting for artists and recruiting additional staff for the project

5 Stage

Location search, creation of scenery and costumes, music writing

6 Stage

Project implementation, touring plan


MAD is a full-fledged platform for development of musical, choreographic, and visual arts, where young and talented artists, musicians, and choreographers will be able to realize their ideas freely, creating contemporary art, changing it, filling it with masterpieces of the 21st century. Such a concept will definitely contribute to developing Russian and worldwide culture. The indisputable authority of Russia in the field of ballet art in the world must be supported by examples from the modern history.