Eliza Cabrera and Mikhail Kaniskin invited Yury Smekalove to produce a ballet about the great artist Frida Kahlo. Smekalov developed the idea and performed his concept of the show. The work on the project was organized with the support of the Government of Mexico and Elisa Carrillo Cabrera’s Fund. Yury Smekalove was able to inspire the leading professionals from all over the world with his concept, as a result the part of Frida and the artist Lisa was performed by the Mexican cultural ambassador and the Principal Dancer of the Berlin State Ballet – Elisa Carrillo Cabrera. There were also in the cast Mikhail Kaniskin and Vladimir Malakhov – the Principal Dancers and soloists of the Berlin State Opera and the Mariinsky Theatre, guest actors of world premiere musical theaters. Original music was written for the ballet by the Russian composer Alexander Maev, costumes and scenery were created by young artist Elissey Shepelyov from St. Petersburg, scenography includes video projections made of fragments of paintings by Frida Kahlo, emotionally corresponding to the ballet variations (author Alexander Letsius).

Rich biography of Frida Kahlo, full of dramatic incidents – struggle with pain, death as well as love – presents a great plot in any genre: be it a book, film or opera. But this ballet is a different story. Yury Smekalove is outside of the popularization of the artist’s life story. Infinity of the very notion of artistic intent is reflected in the title of the ballet. On stage the word Infinita literally presents; it is magically repeating itself in the different elements of the performance. Figure 8 as an infinity symbol harmonizes the performance: 8 musicians, 8 dancers performing the dance of Fate, 8 colors used for the scenic design, 8 themes in music. In plastic of performers we can see the circles of 8. And if ballet with such a genre could have the acting engine, here it is, indeed, the dance of the 8 itself. The mechanics of it reminds Mobius Strip – indissoluble and multiple-infinite. Ballet conveys not only the mood of the paintings of the great Mexican artist Frida Kahlo, but also speaks about love, pain and inspiration in her individual poetics.