A dance miniature Intensio was created for the "Creative Workshop of Young Choreographers" - 2013 at the Mariinsky Theatre. Yury Smekalov makes an experiment omposing for one ballet two parallel storylines. The first story tells about men who fail to find the only woman intended by their destiny. The second story is about earners (intensifiers), who are trying to seize the natural wealth: oil, gas, timber, but will never be able to subdue nature. The ballet includes six characters: three men and three women, each of them has its own character and presents a natural resource. 

It could seem that the story about the natural resources development seems wrong to the ballet stage, but Smekalov attempts to extend the list of the subjects usually presented in dance. Since Intensio production Smekalov began to collaborate with a composer Alexander Maev and a costume designer Yelisei Shepelyov, who are today the members of the Yury Smekalov’s permanent production team.