A choreographic miniature Parting was created by Yury Smekalov in 2008 and a year later won the XI International Competition for Ballet Artists and Choreographers in Moscow. Parting has become the choreographer’s hallmark and entered the repertoire of the Mariinsky and the Bolshoi Theatres. The performance tells about the break up between a man and a woman in a form of two solo variations and a duet. The Assassin's Tango from the movie Mr. and Mrs. Smith attracted the choreographer by its emotional intensity. Each beat of the music and every movement of the dance are fillled with passion. The heroes are in constant tension, they part and then reunite. The two dance lines, a high-strung one a woman and an imposing of a man interrupt and resume each other. Parting is an elegant and dramatic duo, the first significant work of Yury Smekalov that made him famous as a choreographer.