Ballet performance Solaris is an experiment of Drama Theater Priyut Komedianta and Yury Smekalov’s creative association MAD Company. In 2018 drama theatre and ballet, classical and contemporary dancers were united in one of the Saint Petersburg theatres that always created new collaborations. There were dance stars, soloists of the Bolshoi, Mariinsky, Mikhailovsky theaters, and the Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko Musical Theater in the team of the choreographer Yury Smekalove. Artists of different dance religions together with the stage director were inventing a new plastic language and principles of interaction using techniques of contemporary dance.

Smekalov took as his starting point one of the main science fiction novels of the 20th century and invented a new story. Without any direct link with the text of Solaris by Stanislav Lem the ballet of Yury Smekalove continued the reflections on the eternal search of the man of something we could name the beginning, the foremother, the supreme intelligence, the impressions of genetic memory that defined our existence. The story takes place at Zemlya cosmic station and in space. In a cosmic journey, a man inevitably immerses himself in the study of his own, inner cosmos.

Bhima Yunusov created the music in cooperation with the choreographer, and it can be called the exploration of a modern man’s world. The debut composition for the theater of Saint Petersburg’s composer "embraces" the planet. The music reminds of either futuristic industrial Hong Kong or the distant and warm islands, it absorbs tense and chaotic motives of the Japanese kabuki theater. There is no academicism in Yunusov's work, he speaks the language of modern musical genres, often contrasting such as trip-hop, atmospheric ambient, resonant industrial.